Arcturus Labs

Video Content Announcement

Hello, interweblings! This post is to announce that we’re branching out into BRAND NEW and EXCITING forms of content, such as VIDEOS and … well. Videos!

We’ve got a brand new video on Use-After-Free bugs, along with some code up on GitHub so you can load it up in gdb and play along. LiveOverflow eat your heart out.

So without futher ado, go and check out the video: You, me and Use-After-Free! you, me and use-after-free

You’ll learn all sorts of fun things, like:

  • what UAF means
  • how Use-After-Free bugs work
  • reasons for the concept of time
  • an outline of how to exploit UAF bugs
  • why nobody talks to you.

Have fun! If you enjoy this style of content, please reach out and say hello. We won’t spam you, promis. Oh, we also now have an RSS feed.